Monday, April 28, 2008

Mommy I have a bum!!

So today me and Jake went out west to run the dogs, (remember I am trying to take interest in his hobbies.) One of our good friends had a dog that had run off around in that area and we went to go look for him. So we dropped the kids off and grandmas and papa's and took off. It was a beautiful trip, but sad to say we did not find the dog. (Sorry Rob, If I was not scared of the dark we would have kept looking!) When I picked up the kids on the way home kate was talking to me about everything that she had done that week. We then got on the subject of her cat, the conversation went like this:

Kate: Mom my cat has a big tail, So does ginger and allie and Tug.

Mom: They sure do!

Kate: Mom I have a tail.....Just kidding I have a bum. Dogs have bums too, but dogs don't have fingers, mom I have fingers and they get my boogers. What do dogs do with their boogers? They don't have fingers!

Mom: Fingers are not for boogers kate.

Kate: yes they are mom see....(at this point she is picking her nose to show me that fingers are for boogers.)

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Workin' hard or hardly working?

Dad and Kate on the tractor.

Kate and Dad

Kate getting tired after working so hard.

Dad, Grandpa and Kate. Getting the fence all put together.

Dad replacing the fence panel.

Today we spent most of the day watching daddy and Grandpa Stephens digging post holes and fixing the horses Coral. Kate loved being out there and helping them. Tagg enjoyed it too. I am the one who did most of the work out there......(its really hard work making sure the diet cokes don't go to waste in the cooler). Then me and Jake went looking for a double running stroller. We found one....if anybody knows where to look for one let us know!!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Tagg Jacob Stephens

I am writing about Tagg. I write so much about kate that I feel I should give my son some of my attention. Tagg is about 5 months old (in about a week and some days). He started to roll over at about 2 1/2 months. He got his first two teeth at 3 1/2 months (He has not bit me yet but I am waiting for it every time I feed him). He now tries really hard to crawl, but forgets to lift his head, so he ends up scooting along the floor with his head down getting carpet burns, and he recently scooted off my huge log bed, (I am still feeling guilty about this one). He loves his sister and watches her intently every time she enters the room. All she has to do is look at him and he laughs so hard. He loves to play with his dad but wants to be in moms arms. I love the way he gets so excited and kicks his legs when I enter the room. He loves both his grandpas and great grandpas. (I think it is because they are bald like him,,, ha ha j/k (But you guys know its true)). That is my Tagg in a nut shell. We love him and could not imagine life without him.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Thankyou for my toilet!!

I know that we have all been thank full for our toilet every now and again but have you taken the time to thank Heavenly father for it? We read Kate her bedtime books and when we were saying our prayers, she blessed Grandma and Papa and Har.vey and then she decided to be thankful for her toilet. I could not help but chuckle a little bit. Next to Grandma and Papa and Har.vey her toilet is up there on the list.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

My Handsome Cowboy!!

Kate asleep on the horse

Today we went horse riding with Jake, the kids and my mother-in-law Anette. It was really fun!! Jake loves ridding horses, I am a little nervous on them. I tried really hard not to get scared on them, one of them kicked the other one while I was on and I had to get off. I am sorry babe, I promise I will try harder next time. I have told myself that if I want to spend more time with Jake I have to start taking up some of his hobbies. Next step......Dogs. Kate loved them she rode and rode....Finally on the way back to the truck she just got so tired she fell asleep right on the horse it was a great time.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Great Great Grandpa Kennington

What a handsome group of boys
This is Tagg trying to Crawl

Happy birthday....Great Great Grandpa Kennington. He turned 90 this Saturday so i took the kids up and visited him. He loved that they were there. He tried to get Kate to sell Tagg to him for $0.25. She was happy to do it until she thought we were really going to leave him. We stayed at my uncle's house for the weekend. He looks just like my dad, so when we first got there she kept look at me and then she would look at him then at me and back at him. Eventually she just ended up calling him Papa.
Kate and Uncle Rick

Monday, April 7, 2008

New Hair cutting tools!!

Kate today discovered some new hair cutting tools today, they work great. I was feeding Tagg and Kate was watching a movie (She does this everyday so I thought it was just another day). I walked in the room and there was Kates hair all over our green chair. I was frantically looking for the scissors that I must have left out. I finally asked kate where she got the scissors to cut her hair...she told me that she did not have scissors. I asked her what she cut her hair with and she promptly brought me Nail clippers. I had no clue that nail clippers could cut hair but they can and they did. She just looked at me and said "Don't be mad at me mom." How could I be mad at that, it was just to funny to even try to be upset. (Jake wants me to put on here that last night he won his first monopoly game, I still think he cheated somehow, we did actually finish a game.)

Friday, April 4, 2008

Roller blading is not for me!!

The sun was shining, a small breeze but all-in-all a great evening. So we decided to go out and run. Well Jake is the runner and I really do not like to run, so I thought that I could keep up with him if I roller bladed. I have not roller bladed sense high school, but I thought to myself....Isn't it just like ridding a bike? Boy was I wrong.....I should have known that I could not do it the min. I left my driveway and I could not stop....that was clue number one. Well we were ridding along, me pushing tagg Jake running with kate on his shoulders...(and yes he still beat me...the stinker). I was trying really hard to catch up with Jake when I hit a rock wrong and went flying...I pushed Tagg toward the side of the road. I swear it was like one of those falls that takes 5 min to fall. Anyway this is what I get for trying to exercise....(I knew there was a reason a stayed away from that stuff)

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Living Planet Aquarium

Kate and Tagg
Aiden or Ezra
(Not sure which one, Sorry Ariel)
Kate going through the rocks

We went to the aquarium today......Kate loved the Sharks and Tagg loved the Nemo and Dori fish. We went with my friend Ariel and Brant and their twins. It is kinda small but the kids loved it. There is a Utah section with alot of plants from Utah and then they have all of Utah fish. Then they just have the sea fish section....With a place where the kids can touch a stingray.

Thats not for Drinking!!!!

So after a year of trying to convince my daughter that tub water is gross, icky and just plain wrong, it still has not worked. So am I totally bad mom if at this point I have completely stopped tying to get her to not drink her bath water? Today i was just looking down at Kate drinking the water like a dog. I told her, "Kate there was icky dog poop and mud on your hands and now it is all in the water, don't drink it or you will get sick" Kate just looked at me and lifted her hands out of the water and continued to drink. (Before you guys totally get grossed out, I am sure there was some totally gross substances on my daughters totally black hands, but before she got in the tub I did wash her hands feet and face.) Non-the-less it is still pretty gross that she would drink the water.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008


Today i took Tagg and Kate swimming. It was really fun, Tagg loved the water and just sat on my lap kicking and splashing the water the whole time. We were there about an 1 1/2 hours and he was good the whole time. Kate was awesome. She just loved swimming and being in the water. But every time the bucket dropped the water kate would come running back. She was never quite brave enough to to venture the slide though, (needless to say I was not about to take her down my self, we may have never come out the other end if I did that). I think this summer is going to be filled with swimming days!