Saturday, February 28, 2009

I'm so glad when daddy comes home

We went to Cabelas to day. The kids just love it there. Tagg has so much fun running around looking at everything there is to see. Kate always loves the animals. We love going up there to look at everything. We spent about 2 hours up there looking. The kids just love spending time with their dad at a fun store like Cabelas.

Glad as I can be

Kate and Jake got to to for a fun little hike in the west dessert. She loved it. Jake decided he wanted to take the dogs out for some exercise. The day was beautiful and they ran into some birds and saw a bunch of antelope right next to the truck. Josh went with them and took his dogs as well. Kate hiked so much with them and did a great job keeping up.

I wrap my arms around his neck!!

Kate and Dad got to make an awesome fort!!! Kate loved every minute of it. They got a blanket and put it over the chair and couch and slept underneath it. She loves being with her daddy so much. He just makes her day with everything he does. He is such a good daddy to her and Tagg.

Can't wait for summer

The kids have really been wanting to go outside so bad. Cami and I have been taking them to play in the yard the last couple of days. It has been so fun. They just love playing. Sometimes there is fighting, sometimes there is screaming, sometimes there is playing and always there is fun!!! Kellen and Kate just love to play with each other. Tagg is just starting to venture out and play and Karalynn just loves to sit with the moms and play with her toys.

Tagg playing ball

Tagg on the scooter

Kellen on the truck

Kate and Kellen

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Welcome Grey!!

I just wanted to say Congrats to Cally and Jed on their new baby Grey. 8lbs 12 oz. He is such a cute little guy. I can already tell he is going to be a sweet little man.

Monday, February 23, 2009

A weekend alone!!!

This weekend Jake and I decided we would go to all the towns we were thinking of moving to. We drove so much. I did not want to drag the kids around so many places and make them be in the car that much. So Mama and Papa Leetham took the kids for a long weekend. They were such it turns out both kids are sick!!! They took them Friday, Saturday, Sunday and I came home today. We went everywhere. Drove for about 19-20 hours this weekend. I am so tired. But it was so much fun for me and Jake to have some time by ourselves!! Jake spoiled me though by taking me to the Hampton inn. (That place is worth every pretty little penny you pay for it, and you do pay alot of those pennies.) It was so nice not to have to share Jakes attention with anybody!!

So as we went around looking at houses and towns. We decided to live in Lander. It is a really cute little town. It has all your basic shops around town grocery store, lumber, car parts but you do have to travel 15 min to a walmart. (That will save me money). We liked it up there and thought it was really beautiful. We will now focus all our attention on trying to find a house there. Hopefully this one sells soon and we can get settled in our new one. I really hate knowing that I have to move but not knowing when!!!!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I was ambushed!!!!

But I loved every minute of it!!! Jonie, Cami, Jodi, Holly, Inez, and Cheree all came over to chat and eat and have fun. They all brought a little snack and came to keep me company. It was so much fun to have some girls there to talk to. We just laughed, talked and ate yummy chocolate covered things. I think we had almost everything you could cover in chocolate there to eat. I have not been able to see Jake for two weeks now and these ladies just made my night!! Thank you so much girls for coming over and making me feel so special.

Saturday, February 14, 2009


So I have a question for everybody......There are three towns in Wyoming we are thinking about moving to Lander, Sheridan, or Casper. I was just wondering if anybody has been to any of theses places and what is good or bad about them? Let me know what you think about any or all of these places.