Saturday, August 30, 2008

Harmon Family Reunion

Today me and the kids went up to big springs campground for the Harmon family reunion, (which is actually Jakes Moms side of the family.) The kids had a blast. Tagg was really good and Kate made some new friends that she loved to play with. We had a really fun time. Jake had to work so he could not join us on the fun.

Kate playing baseball with Grandma Stephens
Tagg watching with Grandpa Stephens
Then Kate and I made a fairy wand and Grandma took her on a fairy hunt. She got a ring, necklace and a fun Fairy crown.
Then we had pinata fun!!!
Don't worry Tagg enjoyed the pinatas also.
Kate playing Domino's with her friends
Rough housing in the grass.
What does everybody need after a long hot day? A nice cold Diet Pepsi!!! (Don't worry it was empty when he got it)
Then at the end of the night they did skits to show us the history of the Harmons. This is Kate and one of her favorite people in the world, grandma Leavitt. Grandma Leavitt asked Kate to help her with her skit. It was really cute.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Piano Lessons

I am going to start teaching piano lessons!!!! If you are interested in having your children play the piano call me or e-mail me and I will get you more information!! I am going to be able to teach up to Level 4. Thank you very much.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Block of the month quilt!!

Me and my mom go to a quilt class every month. They give you a block to do and if you finish it by the next class you get the next block free. Well the last class was this month and so I put all the blocks together to make a quilt. It was really fun to see all the blocks come together. I learned how to do alot of fun blocks and now I can make a quilt out of any of these patterns.

Grandpas boat!!

J.ed and Harv.ey
Saturday we had a great time ridding on grandpas new boat. The kids just loved it. Tagg fell asleep in the middle of our ride but really enjoyed the times he was awake. Kate loved walking up and down the middle of the boat and ridding on grandmas lap when we were going fast. It was really fun and the perfect day to go. Not to hot and not to cold.

Thanksgiving Point Animals!!

We went to thanksgiving point last Tuesday! It was really fun. Kate loved the animals. We also went on the horse ride on the wagon where we learned that Tagg is allergic to horses. That is a big bummer because Jakes family has three horses and Jake really loves to ride.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Boys!!! Is it always like this?

So yesterday I was just working away cleaning a little, doing my quilt a little and not paying attention to much of anything. My little sister and Kate were upstairs making something for dinner. I had put a chair at the top of the stairs so Tagg would not fall down the stairs anymore, but we were downstairs so I did not worry about it. Tagg was yelling and banging his hands on the wall and I turned around to talk to him and he is sitting on the top stair banging and playing with the chair. He had climbed all the way up the stairs!!! So I got him down and then put the chair at the bottom of the stairs and no more than 5 min later he was up and over the chair and half way up the stairs! I think I will have a climber on my hands. I took pictures but can't find the cord to put them on my computer so I will keep looking and post some pics when I find it.