Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Update finally!!

Here is the cute little house we are renting!! It is all hard wood floors and I have to say that cleaning up messes is great on hard wood! We are 90% done with the unpacking. I just have a few things left. They are putting in a whole new bathroom upstairs for us. It has been quite the process but I can see progress now. It should be done this week.

We see deer in our yard about every other day. The kids love it. This buck and a doe have been hanging around our neighborhood. The kids really love all the wildlife they see in town.
This is Teton Reservoir by our house. It is a nice little lake that we will be visiting often!!

We took a short trip to Utah this past week for Jakes race. He is so amazing I don't know how he does what he does.

Me and the kids stayed a few extra days for my dads big 50th birthday, which turned out really great mom, and My sister in laws baby shower!! We had a lot of fun back down in Utah. It was a really busy weekend but it turned out fun.
We went to the new Highland Library water fountains to play. We went once with H.arvey and Grey and once with Kellen and KaraLynn. The kids loved it. Tagg did not like it at first but then he started warming up to it. I think this will be a big hit every Utah trip.
H.arvey and kate

Tagg Finally playing in the water.

Now that we are mostly unpacked we can enjoy a little time outside. My poor kids have been couped up while I tried to get my house in order. The past few days have been really warm so we have spent them outside playing in the sprinkler and on the spinning teeter totter Uncle Brandon and Aunt Jenine gave tagg for Christmas. They love it.

They play on this all the time they love it. It goes up and down and can spin at the same time.