Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Kates first day of Preschool

We finally found a preschool. We had to get on the waiting list but with alot of prayers and phone calls she got in. It was very difficult for me to think that there is only one or two preschools here in Rawlins. In Utah they are on every corner you would have no problem finding one. She loves it though and does so good. She asks every day if she is going to school. I am glad that she like it and hope that she continues to like it.
Kate going to school

Tagg Has to do everything Kate does!!!


Monday I woke up to snow on my turck!!! I could not believe that there was snow. Of course the snow did not last long but it was still there. What did I get myself into?!?!?!

Jakes B-day

We also celebrated Jakes b-day. He turned the the big 28!!!!! Happy b-day babe even though it is a little late getting it on the blog. I love you!!!


We love to go camping. We were able to go with some friends a couple of weeks ago. The kids had a blast. Jake had a Deer tag so we decided to go along and have some fun. We stayed in Shane's huge Camper and pretty much had it to ourselves during the day when the boys were out hunting. The kids loved being out side all day long. Tag did get stung by a bee but other than that there were no major injuries. It was so beautiful up there, perfect temperature. We even got to here the coyotes one night howling at each other. Jake got to chase a bear and see lots of huge bucks.

Kate and Tagg by the lake

Kate and Tagg showing off there rocks they found

Dad taught Kate how to shoot a sling shot. She got pretty good by the time we left.

Kate learned how to drive a 4wheeler by herself. She loved it.
Tagg liked to ride it with Dad

This is Taggs face every time he had to get off it.


We put Kate into a Tap and Ballet class here in Rawlins. She loves it!!! They are learning a new teddy bear dance and she does so good. I can't stay and watch her though very often because of Tagg. He screams when I won't let him go out there and dance with Kate.