Monday, March 30, 2009

Sinks Canyon and Lander

Last weekend we went to Lander to find a place to live. We found a cute house with 2 acres. It is Jakes dream to own horses one day and he can now. We like it there. While we were there we visited sinks canyon. It is so beautiful up there. The river sinks down into the ground and about a half a mile down the road it comes back up and continues down the mountain. The kids were pretty good. It was a quick trip up and back and a lot of time in the car looking at houses. I think the kids were ready to come home. Our house here in Utah is still in the process of getting sold. We were going to close on the 1st of April but then they needed an extension. It still looks like we can close on it but it will take a little longer than we thought.

Sinks Canyon in Lander

Jake and Kate hiking where the river sinks into the ground.

The House we are going to live in

The kids liked watching the big windmills on the way home.

Kate in the Car...She was very good in the car

Tagg looks happy but it was a long ride home for him.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Logan and Smithfield

A week or so ago me and the kids decided to go visit great grandpa and grandma Stephens, and Aunt Chris and Uncle Rick. We had so much fun up there. G and G let us stay with them. The kids loved it when Grandpa and Grandma would read to them. We stoped by Rick and Chris's for a few min it was alot of fun. My cousins baby was there and the kids loved playing with her. Then we went up to Stay with G and G. It was so much fun. The next day we went to visit Jason and NiCole. It was fun to see Kate and Tagg play with Cayden and Lexi. Kate still asks about him. Kate got to show G and G how good she is at riding her bike. Then Grandpa and Grandma took us to the little zoo they have in Logan. It was really cold but Kate liked seeing the animals.

Great Grandpa reading to the kids

Kate and Uncle Rick

Chris and Trinity

Kate on her bike
The wolves at the zoo

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

BBQ, Fires, and Family

A couple of weeks ago we had a BBQ down in the backyard of Jakes Parents house. It was a little cold but alot of fun. We roasted hot dogs and had marshmallows but after 3 hot dogs nobody felt like marshmallows. Harvey and kate loved playing out side and running around and Tagg just played with uncle Creeds soccer ball. Jenine and Brandon and left there Christmas tree in the back yard so Kate decided that we should put that on the fire. (She had decided earlier that she was the person that put twigs on the fire to keep it going). We got everything and everybody back so that nobody got hurt. Then Jake threw it on the fire. It went up fast and big. I looked around to find Kate and she was running around the corner of the yard with her hands on her ears!! She did not like that, and when it was done burning she told dad to move the trunk out so it would not do that again. It was fun!!

Kate and Tagg

Grandpa Stephens

Uncle Creed and Tagg

The chirstmas tree

Kate and Harvey

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Baby Bears!!!

Kate and Tagg got to hold a baby bear at the Sportsman Expo on Saturday!!! They loved can't tell by this pictures but they had fun. That is a real live baby bear Kate is holding. It was so cute and Kate says it was such a nice bear and that is was pretty.
The sportsman expo was busy but fun. Jake got to see his idol Cameron Hanes. He is a hunting running fool jut like Jake. Joe and Jake listened to the seminar that Cameron gave. Then we walked through the million and two people to look at all the crap people had. It was fun. Then we came home and relaxed. We all ways love the weekends that daddy is home.