Monday, January 30, 2012

Great Grandma Stephens Dresses

Great Grandma Stephens made these beautiful dresses for Brystol to wear!!  She looks so cute in them and we just love that she made them for us!!  Grandma is so talented when it comes to sewing. It means so much to me that she takes the time to make things for my kids!!  Thankyou Grandma for making us look so beautiful!!
Brystol has the biggest smiles and just loves to pose for the camera!  She is such a special addition to our family and we are very lucky to have her sweet personality about us!!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Kids Playing soccer

The kids got a soccer ball and some cones for Christmas so they wanted to play a little!! They just love to be outside!!


These rams were on the side of the road up North Fork.  They were really fun to see.  So close to the road.  There were about 50 of them. The kids really like to see animals!!

Brystol and Mom

I took these with my new camera one day messing around.  Look at those cheeks...she is so sweet!!

Brystol the pistol

Brystol chowing down on one of Sunnys YUMMY cookies!!!

Crazy Kids


Christmas was a wonderful day!! Of course Christmas Eve night we read the Christmas story and the kids got to open their new PJ's!!  Grandma Leetham read us a cute story about a reindeer and wishes and started a new tradition of what we wish for every year!
This year we had a family Elf that we named Kindle.  The kids loved him! He went to the North Pole to tell Santa how the kids were that day then he came home and hid in a new spot and the kids had to find him every morning!!
On Christmas morning the kids got up at 530 waking everyone up in the house!! We came and opened presents where we were spoiled again!! Jake got a new smoker and a jerky maker where he had to restrain himself the rest of the morning from just going out and using them both.  I got a new camera and some cute boots and a makeup case that i wanted!!  The kids got guitars and clothes and barbies and monster trucks and blankets and magic eight balls (remember those!!) and movies!! They were definitely spoiled.
Then we went to church and had a wonderful meeting!! Christmas night we had the Merritts over for dinner.  It was Delicious as always.  Then the Berrys came over for dessert and Games!!  Abram is the master at the games!! It was a great day spent with family and friends and a great way to end the 2011 year!!

Tagg opening his PJs

Kate opening hers

Papa and Brystol

Stocking goodies


Jakes toy

Brystols present

Kelsey and Grandma Leetham

Brystol and Tagg in all the Christmas mess

Kate in her new blanket Grandma Leetham made.

Christmas Tree cutting

We decided to cut our own Christmas tree this year!!!  We did last year and loved it so we went again.  We all bundled up and set out on our hunt!!  Jake took us to a beautiful spot that had lots of trees.  We ended up being really close to a heard of deer which was really cool.  We hiked and hiked and hiked to find our perfect tree!!  The kids were such troopers.  We were hiking through thigh high snow (thigh high on me) and the kids did not complain once!!  Kate was a dog most of the time and believe it or not she had the easiest time in the snow!! Brystol just loved being outside!!!

 Jake was so good to drag the tree all the way back to the car!! He is amazing!!
Kate and Brystol

Kate in the snow

Our perfect tree!!
Brystol kate and tagg

My beautiful kids in the beautiful mountains

Taggs Birthday

Tagg had a great birthday!!!  He thought he was so special because he had a birthday in Utah with Gma and Papa Leetham and then we had another on in Wyoming with all our friends.  He got every thing he wanted for his birthday!!  He is such a special boy and we are so lucky to have him in our lives!! Here are 4 things we love about Tagg:
1. He is very playful
2. He Loves anything his dad does
3. He is very helpful around the house
4. He loves his sisters