Saturday, April 3, 2010

Playing catch up!!!

I am playing catch up again so there are a few new posts to look at!!!

Coloring easter eggs

We usually do Easter eggs coloring at aunt Lauras but we are in Wyoming this year so we missed out!!! But I could not let my kids go without so I boiled some eggs and got the colors out!! The kids had a blast. Even Kelsey got in on the action!! I have to admit that we made some pretty awesome eggs!! Tagg did so much better this year than he did last year!! It was cute watching Kate be so creative and into her work!! We are going to set them out so the Easter bunny can hide them....I just hope he remembers where he hides them so that we don't have a stinky house in a few months!!!!
Its been fun preparing for Easter and doing the fun family traditions with my family here with us!!! Its nice having visitors from Utah stay for more than one night!!! This is there first time doing that so it has been so much fun!!!



All of us getting the eggs colored

Me and the kids

The family

Kates special egg

The eggs all finished

Kates teddy bear dance

Kate had her dance recital the other night!! She did so great!! She got up on that stage and it was awesome!! She loves tap dancing! She was even more excited that dad was there to watch her!! All the girls in her class except one showed up and they all danced so great!! This was Kates first year dancing and she is doing so great, I am so proud of her. I can't go to her dance class anymore though because if I come she just stands there sucking her thumb and doesn't dance. If I don't come all the other moms say she dances great and has no problems!!

She is such a wonderful little princess and we love her!!
Kates class before the recital
Kate and her teddy bear
Tagg making the most of things before Kates recital
Kate first walking out on stage
Starting her dance
Saying her prayers with her teddy bear
Ending pose!!!

Utah trip

We went to Utah to pick up Jake from the airport and just stayed and visited Grandmas and Grandpas and aunts and uncles and cousins!! It was alot of fun!! On sat we horse ridding and Kate is a natural!!! She is so comfortable on horses and just loves to ride them!!! Tagg loves to be on them too. I don't know though if he wants to be on them because he likes them or because everybody else is ridding them and he doesn't want to miss out!
On Sunday we played at grandma leethams house and dad got a new bird that flies and you shoot it out of the sky with a laser gun!!! It is alot of fun and the kids and daddy loved to play it!!
Then we went up and celebrated Uncle Brandon's birthday!!!
We always love going to Utah!
Kate and Tagg



Tagg and Harvey....believe it or not this is a nice hug

Kate and Harvey

Kate playing with the bird dad got

Dad also playing with the bird

Random pics of the kiddos!!!

These are just random pics of the kids playing and having fun!!!Kate
Rusty (my friends baby boy)