Monday, November 7, 2011

Brystol and the Bear

Brystol and Jakes Bear

Brystol showing the bear whos boss


Halloween is such a fun Holiday for the kids!! This year the kids went downtown and went trick or treating!!  They loved it and had so much fun.  Kate was a cat, Tagg was a bat, Brystol was a lady bug, Kash was superman, Kali was bat woman, and Kori was a bunny!!!  After downtown we went to the Merritts and had soup and bean dip and waited for the 5 trick or treaters that came to get candy!!

Kate Brystol Kash Kori Kali

Kate and Brystol

Kori Kash Kate Kali Little Sunny Brystol Tagg

Carving pumpkins

We love carving pumpkins!! Tagg got to carve pumpkins in twice this year.  First was at his preschool.  He made a bat pumpkin! They drew pictures of their pumpkins and guessed if a pumpkin seed would sink of float in water and drew what the insides of their pumpkins looked liked!!
Then we got to carve them at home too with Dad.  The kids had a fun time picking out different shapes for the pumpkins.  Mom did a spider, kate did a dog, Tagg and dad did a vampire and little Brystol did a silly pumpkin face!!

Kali with her pumpkin

Tagg with his pumpkin

Sunny and Kali

Kate helping Brystol with her pumpkin

Tagg cleaning out his pumpkin

Brystol just had fun with the stem of the pumpkin

Our big gut pile, Tagg and Dad

George Farm

Our neighbors have a huge dairy farm and they invited us to go visit and check it out!!  Tagg and his friend Sam went and had so much fun!!
We started off by having lunch and waiting until the rain stopped! The rain finally let up so we headed out to the farm.  When we got there our friend Grant showed us all around the farm.  We first went into where they milk the cows and saw all the big machines they use and the huge tank they store the milk in.  Then we headed to see the chickens and gather some eggs!!  One of the chickens scared Sam when he went in there!!
Then after the chickens we saw a bunch of huge tractors and trucks that they use on their farm! Then we went to see the baby cows that had just been born!!!  The boys got to climb right into the pen! Then we went to pick some corn to eat out of their field!!  We had such a fun time and loved to learn about the farm!!
Tagg learning about milking cows

Sam Berry

Tagg in front of the huge tractor wheel

Tagg and Sam in with the baby cow

Sam picking corn

Tagg picking corn

Tagg climbing out of the cows pen

The eggs we got from the chickens

Camping with the Merritts!

Over the first weekend in September we went camping with our good friends the Merritts. We went to Star Valley and it was beautiful! We always have such a good time with them!!  Luckily we did not go on any death marches and Randy got to keep his limbs!! Ha!  We went looking for fish in the river saw lots of animals and even celebrated Jakes birthday in the process!
We wanted to get out one more time before it got way to cold!! Randys parents joined us too camping and were really awesome to camp with.  They even hauled up the trailer before we got there so me and sunny and the little ones would have a warm place to sleep!!
On the way back home through Yellowstone there was a huge fire. It was a beautifully chilling sight!


Kate in the water


Randy Kali Tagg Kash Jake

Jake Kate Kali

Linds Brystol

Brystol on the Horse

Brystol loves being outside with the family!!! She was so cute sitting on the horse!!  I hope she grows up loving them as much as her family does!!

Friday, November 4, 2011


I know its been awhile....I am in the process of updating my blog....its much needed!!!  Check tomrrow and there will be a whole bunch more posts!!!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Camping Fun

We went camping with Sunny and Randy up in the big horns!!  It was so beautiful and the kids loved being up in the mountains!!  We had so much fun.  We went for a hike and went fishing and played in the dirt and saw lots moose.  I have only seen one moose in my life and on this trip we saw 5!!  Our family always has so much fun in the outdoors.  We love camping with the Merritts!!  The kids had so much fun together!!! Its always alot of work to get ready to go camping but its always worth it.  Its so beautiful and calming!!  There is no doubt in my mind that God created such a beautiful place, and we are so fortunate to be able to experience it!!!

Brystol all ready for camping

Dad and Tagg sitting by the campfire

Kash Tagg Kate Kali

Beautiful Kori

Brystol and mom

Jake Tagg and Kash catching a fish

Randy and Kash

The girls were wore out!!  Miss Kori taking a snooze.

Brystol Joining her.

Some moose we saw

Jake and Kate

The dreaded 5K

The day after we got back from Utah we woke up and ran in a 5K!!  We ran it with our friends Sunny and Randy.  Randy and Jake ran in the 10K and me Sunny and the kids ran the 5K.  We were about halfway through the race and were going up a big hill and the kids were in the stroller.  We were most of the way up the hill and the stroller started to tip backwards so I tried to keep it from falling and the kids from getting hurt.  Needless to say the kids didn't get hurt but I ended up getting stitches in my lip and my face was scratched up and my hand was ground down pretty good.

Later that day we had a bunch of friends over for a BBQ and fireworks so it ended up being a fun day.

Cute kids before the race

Jakes Race

Jake had his Logan Peak Trail run that is 28 miles in the mountains of Logan Utah.  He trained hard and was ready to kill it!!  But the day before the race they sent out an email saying the trail was to dangerous to go the whole way so they were going to cut it short. Then on the race morning they announced that the race had to be cut down to just 11 miles.  There was so much snow up there that it was not accessible to the runners.
Many were disappointed and Jake wished it wasn't cut down but had a positive attitude about it and was going to just run as hard as he could!!  I went to the starting line and watched him start and then went back to my aunts house to pick up the kids, and then me and the kids came back to see him finish.  Jakes parents came to see him race too.  We were sitting at the finish line watching some of the runners coming in and they had blood and gashes all over their legs.  The last couple miles of the trail were snowy and alot of people were slipping!!  Finally Jake came in and he looked so good.  He is such an inspiration to me!!  I don't know how he can push himself so hard!!  He loves to mountain run!

Getting ready to run

Look at my hot man

Setting off

Almost finished

Done...(Hes behind the lady) time: 2:49:33