Monday, June 29, 2009

Poison Ivy

Jake got poison ivy on his race!!! The poor guy has it all over!! Remember that last post with the picture that I thought maybe I should take up running.....this brings me back to reality....I don't want to get that so I will continue my quest to get thin another way!!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Big Horn Mountain race

The awesome Runner

Jake ran his 31 mile race on Saturday. He did so good!! He ran it in 8 Hours 40 min. It was a beautiful day in Sheridan. It got up to 85, it was so nice to finally have hot weather. Jake got up at 4:3o to get ready and head out so he could catch the bus at 6:00 am. (We were sleeping). Then at 8:00 the race started, (We were still sleeping). He ran and ran and ran. While he was running we were trying to kill the time and we found out that there was a kids carnival at the park in town. They had a cake walk a huge bouncy house, water volleyball, shaved ice, face painting, hat making, tile painting and lots of other stuff. the best part was that is was free!!! Then we got some lunch and headed to the finish line to wait for Jake.

There was a 100 mile, 50 mile, 50K and a 30K race going on all at the same time. Jake was the 50K his numbers were in blue. I kept seeing the 30k numbers come by then a few 100 and 50 mile and then I started to see more and more blue. He came around the corner and he looked so good. He looked like he had just started running. He was about 1/4 mile away from the finish line. I got to run the last little mile with him and it was so awesome. He just did so good and I am so proud of him!!! When he was done we took off his shoes and he had huge blisters and purple toes nails. He said the only thing that hurt was his feet. It was a mostly down hill mountain run with a few up hill spots. He saw two bears and a moose. He is ready for his 65 mile race in Aug. Good job babe love you.

Tagg getting his face painted.

Kate Painting her tile.

Jake on his run with his awesome blue sweat band. (doesn't he make it look so good)
This is the trail he was running on. It almost makes me want to take up the ultra marathons just to see this..........almost.
Toward the end of the race.

Crossing the finish line!! Yeah!!!!

Taking with the people at the end of the race.....again the Sweet sweat band.
This is only part of his leg. He was really muddy when he finished.
His purple toe nails, and if you look really lose you can see his no toe foot.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Cowgirl Kate!!

Kate just loves horses. We got her some cowboy boots for her birthday and she loves them. Every weekend her daddy is home she wants him to take her to ride the horses. She leads them all by herself she rides them all by herself, she does a good job. When we get to Wyoming we are going to get her riding lessons. The kids just love when Daddy comes home on the weekends. Just another week or so and we should be closing on the house out there and we will finally be living in Wyoming.

Kate and Tagg waiting for Daddy to saddle the horses

Teaching Kate that you have to brush the horse out before and after you ride them.

Daddy and Kate ridding together.

Kate doing it by herself. Not happy at first but now we can't get her off.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Little angels!!!!

While I was moving and packing and trying to clean the house Kate and Tagg would usually go up in my bedroom and watch a movie or something. The last day before the movers came to load everything I was trying to clean up and get last minute things put together. I was cleaning downstairs and then went over to talk to Cami when I came back I found my kids asleep on each other. It was so cute!!! I don't think I have even ever seen them snuggle with each other until now.
Kate and Tagg asleep

Kate, (we are still trying to work on the thumb sucking thing. She sucks it when she sleeps now which is a huge improvement.)

Tagg. Look how dirty his face is....poor kid probably never saw a wash cloth all day!!!

This was our family room before the movers came!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Party Harty!!

Kate had her b-day party on Saturday!! It was alot of fun. It was a little cloudy and cold for the water but the kids had fun anyway! We had a huge blow up water slide that was really fun. It took the kids a min. to get used to the water temp but after they did everybody had fun. We ate lots of good food, (thank you everybody who brought something). Then Kate got to open presents. She got everything from makeup and dress up clothes to cowboy boots and everything in between. She had a lot of fun. She even got a huge batman doll!!! She did not know what to think at first when she opened it. It was great. We had a lot of fun. Thanks everybody to came and made Kates day special.

Kates barbie cake. She wanted a princess cake.

Huge water slide.

Kellen playing with the squirt gun.

Katelynn opeing her presants.

Tagg and Kates batman doll.

This is what happens after a long day and a huge party with lots of family and friends.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Kate is 4!!!!

Kate June 1, 2005

My Sweet Kate turned four. I can not believe that my baby is that old. She is such a sweet, smart and fun little girl. She LOVES her brother and daddy so much. She is always playing with her animals. She is in love with batman and wants to marry him in the temple when she is older. She loves pretending to do homework (I hope that one will stick around for school). She helps me out around the house and is very good at putting her clothes away after I fold them. She loves spending time with both grandparents, who spoil her rotten!!! Jake and I are so blessed to have the chance to raise such a bright headstrong little girl who will turn out to be a great woman. We love you so much Kate!!!