Tuesday, April 26, 2011


We had so much fun at Easter!!  Before we left Utah we colored eggs at grandmas house!!  The kids loved it.  They missed having Dad there but he boiled some eggs so when we got back we could do it with him!!  After the eggs were dry the kids put eyes and monster stickers on the eggs and thought that was way funny!!
Then we drove back to Wyoming just in time for Easter.  The Easter bunny came and the kids had so much fun.  They both got bows and arrows for Easter and had so much fun finding eggs in the pasture. Then they shot their bows all day long with their Dad!! It was such nice weather that the kids had a water gun fight with Jake.  They thought that was so awesome! They ate so much candy I finally had to hide it so they couldnt just have it when they wanted.
I made a ham dinner for Easter and was very proud of myself for getting a holiday dinner together by myself.  I may just be able to do this after all!!  Ha ha.

Kates Tongue after a ring pop

Kate filling up her water guns getting ready for a water fight

Tagg Getting his water gun ready

Kates getting squirt by her Dad

Kates new bow

Tagg and Kate

Tagg has been wanting a bow for so long

Finding Easter Eggs

Tagg happy to be coloring Eggs

Kate coloring Eggs

Lots of Eggs

Monday, April 25, 2011


The geese
Kate and Tagg on the horse
Kate and Tagg feeding the Geese trying to get them to come closer
Tagg feeding the baby Cow
We went to a neighbors house for conference on sat and the kids loved it!! They have a ton of animals and lots to do. The day was really windy and cold but it was still fun to be out there with the animals!!! They had a new baby cow and the kids got to feed him. Kate wouldn't touch it but Tagg loved to hold the bottle while he ate! Then we fed the geese some food! Then we saddled up the horses and went for a little ride!! The kids loved it! We had a lot of fun looking at all the animals.