Thursday, February 25, 2010

Jackson Hole!!!

We went to Jackson Hole on Vacation a few weeks back!!! We had so much fun!!! Shane and Tonya and their girls went with us and it was a blast!!! We went shopping, Swimming and out to the elk refuge!!! The kids loved the elk refuge!!! There were so many elk out there to look at. They said that there was only 25% of the elk that are usually on the refuge!!! It was beautiful out there!!!! I love spending the weekend out with my wonderful family!! That is one place that I know we will go back to often!!!

It was freezing on the sled!!!! Jake, Kate and Tagg trying to keep warm.

Jake and Tagg

Big horn sheep right on the side of the road!!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Tagg is potty trained!!

We are so excited that Tagg is Potty Trained!!! Last weekend Jake went to Arizona and Kate went to Utah to stay with Grandmas and Grandpas and me and Tagg stayed home. I decided to try to potty train him. He was not going in his diaper anymore but unfortunately he was not going in the toilet either! I have had him pee on my couch 3 times turn his stool over and pee in it on my bed on his bed on the front room floor, kitchen floor and on the bathroom floor. I figured it was time to get him to go in the potty!!
He did so good. He loved getting the treats that I had in a big container that he could pick out himself!! He a a few accidents the first few days and I was about to throw in the towel. I decided to keep at it because I really was tired of buying diapers! Well he finally got it!! Dad got him a truck for going so good!!
When we drove to Utah last night he was dry the whole ride and we only stoped once to let him go. Kate is so good to him and encourages him to go. She is such a good big sister!!! Last night he went the whole night without wetting his diaper!!! I few more of the those nights and we may be able to say goodbye to diapers for good!!