Thursday, October 29, 2009

Missons, Party and Crafts

Well Jakes little brother will be leaving for his mission at the first of November. So we went to his farewell this past weekend. I don't think my kids quite understand what Uncle Creed is doing. It was so awesome to see them get to play with him before he left. He is such a wonderful person and I know that he will serve the Lord with all his heart. I know that he will touch and change the lives of the Dominican Republic people. He will make many friends there and will love serving there. I am sure just like his brother he will not want to stop teaching the people there. We love you Creed!

Creed and Jake

Tagg, Creed, Kate saying goodbye before he leaves.
Kate, Grandma and Laila

Tagg, Kate and Laila
Kate had a school Halloween party this week. She wanted to be Cinderella. She was so cute and very excited to wear her dress. She thought it looked so pretty!! Tagg was Frankenstein but he does not like costumes. He would not put on any of the that I had for him. I don't think it helped that dad was wearing his Frankenstein mask growling at him.
The Creepy cup cakes I made for Kate Halloween party and School.
Kate and Jess eating all the yummy treats after playing games.
Tagg loved helping me with the pumpkin station
This is the cute craft I made. My mom got me all the stuff and wee were doing to make it together but the weekend got to frantic and busy. But I really think it turned out so cute!!!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Homecoming day parade!!

Kate waving her pom poms on the float.
Today Kates dance class got to ride on a float in the homecoming day parade. Everyone wore red and white (I know bad colors, HAHA), for the Rawlins outlaws!! It was alot of fun. Tagg and I even got to ride on the float. It was alot of fun. Tagg had fun right away but it took Kate a little more time to decide that it indeed was fun. She did not like it at all at first but then by the end she was waving her little pom poms and having fun. She even got to see her teacher from school watching the parade.
Kate, Tonya and Timbree
Me and Tagg
Tagg having fun with the foam finger
Timbree kates friend