Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Kiddos

My Dad took these pictures when they came up to see Brystol!!  They turned out so cute!!  The Kids were in such a good mood to take pictures so we got alot!!  Brystol was 2 weeks old in these pictures and Kate just had a birthday and is 6 and Tagg is 3!!

Brystol 2 Weeks

Kate wanted Brystol to take a picture with this Hippo

Tagg Brystol Kate

Aunt Kelsey and Brystol

Grandma Brystol and Papa Leetham


Kate really wanted to take a picture with her new birthday bike

Tagg Kate

Friday, July 8, 2011


The kids always love riding horses with Jake!!!  Right before Brystol was born they got to ride the horses around the pasture.  The kids loved it. They had their awesome cowboy hats and boots on!! Jake teaches them so many good things that will stick with them throughout their lives.  He teaches them hard work and compassion toward animals.  It is really great to see those three working together on something they both love so much!!

Cowgirl Kate

I did bo's hair....Kate laughed because he is a boy horse not a girl one.

Kate, she will make a good rodeo queen.

Tagg helping dad brush bo out after riding.

My cute cute kids.