Friday, May 29, 2009

Its done!!!!

We have officially moved!!! We signed the papers yesterday. It is such a big relief to not have that burden anymore. I am so excited to be able to live with Jake again. I do have alot of mixed feelings about moving. One am real excited about the new adventure me and my family will be taking in Wyoming, but on the other had we have many great wonderful family and friends here in Utah. I will really miss living in Lehi. I have made some great friends. But this will give my family an opportunity to grow closer and rely on each other.
We had a moving company come and move us which was a HUGE strain off my shoulders. Then on the day that I was cleaning some wonderful ladies from the ward and my mom came over to help me clean, and Cami took all the kids while we cleaned. Thank you so much for helping me get that done so fast. Cami has also been a huge life savor in this whole moving experience. She has taken my kids so much and has just made sure that I have had everything that I need. Aaron came over to fix a couple of things at the house also. Thanks guys. My mom has also helped with my kids so much this last week, and my dad was nice enough to take a load to the dump and helped me get the roof fixed. Also my in-laws were nice enough to let me and my family come invade their house for a few weeks until out house in Wyoming is ready. They have cooked us dinner and helped me with the dogs. thank you to everybody who has helped me.

Friday, May 8, 2009

5 Years .....already!!

I love you so much hunny......thank you for giving me everything I have ever wanted. You are smart, sweet and sexy. LOVE YOU!!

I did not have a picture of me and Jake on our wedding day so you just get me!!!

It has been 5 wonderful years being married to Jake. He has just been the best, best friend I have ever had. Here is what has happened in the last 5 years....

May 2004....Married in the Salt Lake Temple
June 2005....Kate was born and we moved into our new house.
2006...Jake worked his way up in the car business and I worked at the prison and Kate got to spend her time with Grandma
March 2007...I got to quit my job and we found out we were expecting baby #2 Tagg was born in December.
2008....I was still an at home mommy and Jake worked really hard to keep it that way.
2009....We are moving to Wyoming for Jakes new job

5 Things I love most about my hubby:

1: He works so hard to keep me at home!!!
2: He never leaves the house or gets off the phone without telling me he loves me.
3: He is really really HOT!
4: He is always on the go...never a dull moment with him.
5: I love that he was nice enough to grow only 1/2 of his foot because he knew he would marry someone that would hate feet!!!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Logandale NV

Right after Easter we went to Logandale to visit Jakes Grandparents. The kids had a good time. They have always loved going to their great Grandparents house. The weather was really chilly the first day and the wind was really strong, But the kate had fun showing grandma and grandpa how well she can ride her bike. Tagg just had fun being outside playing in the dirt. Then grandma had a doctors appointment in St. George so me and the kids went to the temple while she was at her appointment. Kate loved being that close to the temple....she repeatedly told me that she and batman will get married there someday. (At least she knows where to get married right?) Then me and grandma make a couple of quilts and while we made them grandpa read to Kate!! She loves it when people read to her. Tagg just got to play with the toys. We had such a fun time. Thanks for having us.
This is Tagg the entire time we were at the temple. He was sure tired.