Wednesday, March 23, 2011

First Tooth

Katelynn lost her first tooth!!! She wouldn't let anybody touch it or even come close to it so it was loose for almost 4 months!!! She finally got it to come out one night when we were reading scriptures! She was playing with it and then just spit it on the floor and we had to find it again!
Its amazing to me that such a small thing in a child's life can bring such joy!! She was so excited that the tooth fairy would come and i am pretty sure she went to bed at like 6:30 just so she could fall asleep and get money!! But I don't think that she actually fell asleep until like 9:30. It was almost like Christmas morning!!
She is getting so big and growing up so fast. Kate loves kindergarten and is such an amazing reader! She loves to read and write anything she can get her hands on. Last month she got the academic and caring award for her class at school! Her teacher tells me all the time how sweet and helpful she is to her and the other students!