Thursday, March 27, 2008


Monday, March 24, 2008


We almost have it!!!!

There we go we got it!!!
This post is for Papa and Mama Leetham. My dad was so excited to fly kites with kate, too bad you were at work, that is why we took these pictures. They got her one for Easter. So today we decided that there was enough wind to fly it!!! It took a min. to get it up but eventually we did it!!!!! She loved it, but there was not a steady enough wind to really keep it up in the air, but we will get it. The second I took the Kite out of the package kate had some how managed to get it tangled up!!! We had fun and Tagg even enjoyed being outside. The dogs did not know what to think of the kite. They really did not like it. Once Kate figured this out she did not want to fly the kite but run around the dogs kennel driving them crazy!!!!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Teething???? Already????

So for the last week or so my little man Tagg has been getting up all through the night about every hour, not taking naps and just being very fussy.....(I figured that he was fussy because he knew what was coming his way when he was older....Like kates body slams and wresting moves..) On Friday he was fussy and just crying away...I looked down and saw two teeth coming through his gums. Poor little guy, I am sure that it hurts....kate was older when she got her teeth and I let her suck on Popsicles and stuff like that. I really did not know that babies 3 1/2 months old could get teeth. He has been rolling over for the past month and really is just growing up to fast.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Lion or Tiger?

Kate with her cousin Rayce

When we were at my mother-in-laws b-day dinner last week, Kate said something else that just made us chuckle. *(By the way happy b-day to Anette last week and Brandon my brother in law next Thursday)* We had just pulled up to the restaurant and were getting the kids out. Jake told kate to get her shoes on and she promptly said...."I already have them on", of course she did not, so Jake said no you don't quit lying to me. She then replied " I am not a lion daddy I am a tiger, ROARRRR". This girl really cracks me up. There are so many funny things she says. Just the other day she patted my belly and said, "Mom your belly is getting small, small, small", It made me feel so good, (unfortunately it is not getting small, small, small, its just that a 9lb. baby came out of it so it is considerably smaller than it was a few months ago, just not as small as I would like......I guess that has something to do with the cookies that are baking in the oven right now)

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Is that a joke Dad?

We are in our kitchen cleaning up after breakfast today, and Kate was just outside with the dogs like always. If she has a spare moment then she is there. Jake asked her to come inside for a second, amazingly enough she did, (If is was me I would have to ask 90 million times and then eventually go out and drag her in the house kicking and screaming). we had her wash her hands and then Jake told Kate to upstairs and get dressed for the day.....she looks around right at us puts her hands on her hips and says "Is that a joke dad?" and then continues to walk right outside with the dogs. What do you say to that? Sometimes I just don't know what to say to her when she says things like that!!! She is just too cute.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Watch out!!!

Sunday night at about one in the morning, Tagg was crying so I went in and fed him and was getting him back to bed when I heard something. I thought it sounded like a big truck going by (I was really too tired to even try to figure it out). I did not think anything of it just went along trying to be as fast as I could so I could get back to bed, when I then heard my dogs start to bark, then I heard a clanking sound, so I looked out the window and two teenagers ran out of our garage. I yelled for Jake and ran outside to see if I could see where they went. I ran outside and saw them run and hide behind a jeep parked just down from our house. I yelled at them and then Jake came outside....that is when they jumped in their jeep and took off....Jake with no shoes ran and almost caught their jeep as they were driving off. He then Jumped into his truck and chased them down while I called the police. He drove down the street and saw them parked down a side street down from the mink farm. He turned around and chased them down the street. They threw the gas can they stole from the garage on the street (it was still full). They then went down this little dirt road and back out on the main street, that is where Jake lost them. We could never get close enough to get their plate number, but we know it is a early 90s stile jeep Cherokee (the box looking ones) and it is a dark grey, possibly brown color. So if you see one parked on the side of the road late at night pay attention to it. We think that they live close by because they knew the side roads and where they lead to. They broke into Jakes truck and opened the garage door by the door opener. (the noise I heard at first was not a truck but our garage door). So be careful, I think that they would have done more if our dogs had not started to bark at them.

Friday, March 7, 2008

Sunny St. George

This past weekend Kate, Tagg and I went to St. George. It was soon nice to see the temp keep going up and up until it reached a nice 65 degrees. We went swimming, shopping and just enjoyed being outside. I finally spent some money on some much needed clothes. It was really fun.

Then on Monday we drove down to Logandale Nv. to visit Grandma and Grandpa Leavitt. It was even warmer their and rose to 70. We went to feed the ducks and the fish. Grandpa takes Kate down to Lake Mead every time we come down there. She loves it, the fish come right up to the surface by the dock. Pretty soon you can't even see the water there is so many fish. Then we went hiking and saw the steep rocky hill that Grandpa Stephens broke his ankle on. After we told Kate that Grandpa broke his ankle she did not want to hike any further. Tagg just loved being outside. He never cried once on the trip as long as we were outside.