Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Santa came to grandmas house to see how the kids were doing. Tagg jumped right on and every time Santa would ask what he wants all he would say is presents!! He didn't care what he got as long as they were presents. Kate did not enjoy Santa as much, but when he was gone she could not stop talking about it!!!!
On Christmas morning the kids came up and they were sure spoiled!!! Not only by Santa but mom and dad spoiled them as well. One of Kates favorite presents was the gun she got!! Tagg just loved all of them including everybody elses toys as well!! We had a great Christmas and a good visit with family!

Kate on Santa's lap. She had her hands covering her face the whole time.
Tagg and Santa

Dad being silly with Kates new coat

The kids opening the family Christmas present!!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Horse ridding and Sledding

We have had a fun time with the horses the last couple of days!! The kids just love riding them and playing with dad. We decided Tuesday morning that we would ride horses, but by the time we got out there it was snowing pretty hard! The kids still had a blast. Then today we went sledding. Kate and Tagg thought it was pretty awesome to get pulled in the sleigh by the horse!! We did that in the pasture for awhile. Then mom and dad got cold and we made the kids come in (mean mom and dad)!!! Its always nice to come here and let the kids ride the horses, they love it and I love watching them.
Dad and Kate
Kate ridding the horse all by herself
Who doesn't like a good snowball fight?!?!
Tagg loved the sled
Kate finally got on it herself
Tagg and Kate

Monday, December 21, 2009


Jake , Flint and Tagg went chuckar hunting and Tagg loved it. He was so good hiking around and being cold in the snow!! It was beautiful up in the mountains. They were up above the fog and looking down into the valley was awesome. They ended up not getting any birds but still had alot of fun.


Dad and Tag Trying to find Chuckars

Grandpa and Tagg

Monday, December 7, 2009


We have had some snow the last couple of days and it has been cold!!!! Finally the wind was not so bad so we just went out to play for a bit. It was still so cold that we only stayed out for a few min. but the kids had fun. This is the first year Tagg has actually liked going out in the snow. Kate has always enjoyed being outside in any weather!!
The kids getting ready to go outside

Tagg finally liking the snow

Kake showing me her gloves

Taggs 2nd Birthday

I decided to do a race track cake for tagg. He just loves cars. He kept getting up on the chair to see his cake. I thought it turned out cute!!! We just had a few people over for cake and ice cream. He was so cute opening his presents. He would open one and then just want to play with that one did not care about the rest. Then I would get him to open another one and he would just want to play with that one. I think he had a good birthday. He got alot of fun presents. We will have a family one when we go up to Utah!!
Taggs Cake

Trying to blow out the candles

Opening presents. Kate helped with most of them.
Kate dad and Tagg after the party was over!!!

Turkey Hunting

While we were in Nebraska Jake got to go Turkey hunting. He got one and when we got back we cooked it up. He did a really nice job cooking the bird. Wild turkey is actually really good!!


We went to Nebraska to see our friends for thanksgiving! It was alot of fun. The kids did ok in the car ride there and GREAT in the car ride home!! We got there late Wednesday night. Brindee was so organized for thanksgiving I could not believe it. She had everything made the night before. All we had to do was stick it in the oven the next day!!! Everything tasted delicious!! The boys went and played football in the morning while we got things ready. The kids got to make these cute turkeys out of Carmel popcorn. They loved doing that. All 5 of the kids did a great job making there turkey.
Taggs turkey!!
Kate and the boys making there turkeys

Porters turkey!!
That night at midnight we went to Toys R US for the after thanksgivng sale. I got alot of cute things for the kids christmas. Then by the time we were done it was 2:30 and we knew if we went home to bed we would never wake up. So we just went to old navy at 3 then Target at 5 and then walmart after that. When we got home the boys wanted to go to Bass pro shop so we went there. Santa was there and the kids got there picture with them. It was alot of fun!!

On Saturday we got to go to the zoo. They have an amazing zoo there. All the animals are inside and the buildings are huge and are really neat. They kids loved seeing all the animals. We did not even make it to all the animals and we were there all day!!
Tagg at the peting zoo
All the kids in the dessert dome

Kate and Landon They are just so cute together.
Hattie not wanting to miss any of the action.
We had so much fun there. Thanks Ty and Brindee for letting us come stay!!!


Kate and Tagg love being on horses. Right before Thanksgiving we went to Utah and the kids were able to get on the horses for a few min. They loved it. Jake does a good job with the horses and kids. He always is willing to go down there and get the horses ready for them to ride. They love every min that they are out there. We will have horses out here one day and I know the kids will learn to work hard and take care of them.

Kate and Tagg
Kates Rodeo queen wave.

Tagg, Kate and Har.vey

Tagg always has big smiles.

Kates new Cat

This is Kates new cat Cougar. She loves him. She gets so sad when she wakes up in the morning and Cougar is not there!!!


Kate and Tagg getting ready

Kate not letting her dress hit the ground.
Dad and Tagg crossing the street
Taggs cute costume
We had a good Halloween this year. Kate wanted to be a Cinderella princesses and Tagg was Frankenstein. We went to the business down town for some trick or treating and we got so many comments on Taggs costume. He was very handsome. Kate was very cute as well. We got so much candy that we decided not to go around the neighborhood trick or treating. Kate loved handing out the candy to all the kids. The kids missed going to all the grandmas and grandpas houses but they still had fun.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Missons, Party and Crafts

Well Jakes little brother will be leaving for his mission at the first of November. So we went to his farewell this past weekend. I don't think my kids quite understand what Uncle Creed is doing. It was so awesome to see them get to play with him before he left. He is such a wonderful person and I know that he will serve the Lord with all his heart. I know that he will touch and change the lives of the Dominican Republic people. He will make many friends there and will love serving there. I am sure just like his brother he will not want to stop teaching the people there. We love you Creed!

Creed and Jake

Tagg, Creed, Kate saying goodbye before he leaves.
Kate, Grandma and Laila

Tagg, Kate and Laila
Kate had a school Halloween party this week. She wanted to be Cinderella. She was so cute and very excited to wear her dress. She thought it looked so pretty!! Tagg was Frankenstein but he does not like costumes. He would not put on any of the that I had for him. I don't think it helped that dad was wearing his Frankenstein mask growling at him.
The Creepy cup cakes I made for Kate Halloween party and School.
Kate and Jess eating all the yummy treats after playing games.
Tagg loved helping me with the pumpkin station
This is the cute craft I made. My mom got me all the stuff and wee were doing to make it together but the weekend got to frantic and busy. But I really think it turned out so cute!!!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Homecoming day parade!!

Kate waving her pom poms on the float.
Today Kates dance class got to ride on a float in the homecoming day parade. Everyone wore red and white (I know bad colors, HAHA), for the Rawlins outlaws!! It was alot of fun. Tagg and I even got to ride on the float. It was alot of fun. Tagg had fun right away but it took Kate a little more time to decide that it indeed was fun. She did not like it at all at first but then by the end she was waving her little pom poms and having fun. She even got to see her teacher from school watching the parade.
Kate, Tonya and Timbree
Me and Tagg
Tagg having fun with the foam finger
Timbree kates friend