Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Kates Basketball

Kate had so much fun playing basketball!!  And I absolutely loved watching her!!!  As you know I played basketball in High school and most of my childhood!! I loved the game and was so proud to see my daughter playing it!!  She was very shy at first but then she really got into and wanted the ball and made some baskets and was awesome!!  I always wondered why my dad had to yell on the sidelines....I would be a little embarrassed that he was so loud...well dad now you can be embarrassed by me instead!!  Kate already has told me to stop being so loud!!  I am a yeller...just like my favorite dad!!  Now I know why he did it!!  And sorry to tell you Kate....I probably wont stop!! Ha!! Love you Kate..Good job playing! I hope you love it as much as I do!!


S Leetham Family said...

Way to go Kate....Maybe she will follow her Mom's footsteps and be awesome.The pics are so cute...Love you all!

Flint said...

I wish I could see one of her games. I know she will be fantastic.