Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Jakes new horse...Dash

Jake got an awesome new horse!!  His name is a Dash of Evil!!  Hopefully he doesn't take after his name!!  Ha! Jake loves this horse!! We went to a neighbors house to work Dash out and see how he does.  He did great.  He is a sweet spirited horse that has such a calm personality! He comes up to me and will put his nose on my hip and just keep it there.  He is huge!! We have a small two horse trailer and he barley fits....but he does fit so we don't have to get a new trailer!! The kids can't ride him quite yet...he is only 4 years old and still young! But I think he will be a great horse for them next year!

Kate and Tagg on Snickers


Brystol loves the horse

Jake and Dash

Man doesn't he look HOT on that horse!!!

Dash my boy!!  Such a beautiful horse!!