Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Easter Sunday

The kids had a good Easter. Kate loved it and Tagg got the hang of things by the end of the day. We started off with a Easter egg hunt with out play group. The kids loved it!! There were so many kids at the egg hunt it was fun to see them all get so excited. Then on the following Saturday my family had a party. We went over to my cousins house to enjoy yummy food with alot of people we love.
After dinner all the kids got to color eggs. They loved that part. kate was very particular about what color what egg was. She put stickers all over her eggs and then wrote on them for everybody. Tagg was only interested in throwing them!! He had fun but after about three broken eggs all over Tagg got to enjoy the rest of the egg coloring with daddy in the house playing ball. He loved that tough.!!! Then after egg coloring and food the kids had a massive egg hunt upstairs. My dad filled about 200 eggs (there may have been more) and my cousins brought some other eggs and fun things and we hid them. There were only about 8 kids finding all those eggs. Kate and Tagg got so many eggs that the Easter bunny did not have to bring more he just hid the ones they already had!! It was a lot of fun spending the day with family.

On Easter Sunday the kids woke up to fun surprises. They both got some underwear and socks and one toy. Kate got a new Easter dress to wear to church. We sat down and told them the meaning of Easter and what it represents. Kate got little tidbits here and there but Tagg was to distracted from the candy he knew was on top of the fridge. It is such a big responsibility we have of teaching our children about the church. The example we have to set for them just blows my mind. Heavenly Father must have complete trust in us that we will teach his children to come home to him!!! I just feel blessed that he has entrusted me and Jake with the two wonderful children that we have.

Kate and Tagg in their cute church clothes.

Tagg finding eggs at home

Kate coloring her eggs

Kate and Tagg at playgroup finding eggs

BBQ with the Cotters

A few days ago we were ready to have a BBQ. It was still a little cold but we had alot of fun!!! The Cotters came over to enjoy the hot dogs and Marshmallows with us. They have been such good friends to us. We are really going to miss them. Kate and Kellen have become quite the little pair! By the end of the night pretty much everything was covered in marshmallow and everybody was tired. Thanks Cotters for coming over to enjoy the night with us.

Jake, Tagg, Kellen, and Kate

Kellen and Tagg

Aaron cami and Kellen

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Trying the impossible!!!

We are tying the impossible with kate. We are trying to get her to stop sucking her thumb! It is hard and really heart breaking. We got thumb on, its a nail polish sort of thing that burns your mouth when you suck your thumb. Jake tried it and said that it does burn. She would just keep it in her mouth and you could tell it was burning her but she was not giving up. She kept sucking and sucking, but now she is doing pretty good during the day. At first is was a real struggle trying to put that on her thumb. Now she is sad but lets us put it on. She tries really hard to not suck it. She is doing great!!!! If we can get it down to just at night then we are headed in the right direction. If anybody has any success stories let us know!!!

Thursday, April 2, 2009


(Mine almost looked this good)

I have never been much of a prankster. I just am not creative enough or patient enough. Yesterday Jake surprised me and came home. (Can you believe it I finally got to see my husband on a Wednesday!!!!!) I decided that sense we are all home I would do something fun for April Fools. I decided to make a green bean hamburger sorta like thing and then put it in a cupcake pan with dyed mashed potatoes on top...(I remembered that Amy did it last year, thanks Amy). Kate was so excited that we were having cupcakes!! Jake knew something was up but did not know what. I put one cupcake on Kates plate and we said a prayer. After the prayer Kate went to open her cupcake and when the casserole spilled out she had a surprised look on her face and then immediately got angry and stormed out of the kitchen. She would not talk to us for a good 10 min. Then of course she would not eat it!!! It was so funny that she got so mad. I loved it. Next year I know I am going to do something....I just need to figure out what that is.